After the al-Bukamal attacks… Iran’s militia ranks in Syria on alert

Today, Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the Iranian militias in Syria are repositioning themselves in Deir Ezzor and the Syrian Badia.

The Observatory also reported that the areas under the control of the Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah on the Syrian-Lebanese borders and the vicinity of Damascus are witnessing a great security alert, as the militias prevented anyone from approaching the main military headquarters. It also evacuated many residential buildings inhabited by militiamen and leaders.

The observatory indicated that security reinforcements were sent to the headquarters of the Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah, adding that these militias had collected the cars of their leaders in specific places.

Iranian militias and Hezbollah are afraid From security breaches may affect their sites And its military headquarters and weapons depots in the region.

The Observatory had indicated, yesterday, Tuesday, that there was a state of alert and confusion among the ranks of the Iranian militias and Hezbollah in Damascus, after the major breach in their ranks. And targeting weapons tanks after entering the lands From the Al-Bukamal crossing in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

He added that a delegation of first-line leaders and investigative agents, headed by the security official of the Iranian militias in Syria, went to Deir ez-Zor amid information indicating the intention of the Iranian militia leaders to make changes in those responsible for the crossing because of their fear of The presence of informants among them for the benefit of Israel or the international coalition.

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