After Muhammad Ramadan’s response.. Ihsan al-Turk tells the details of his crisis

After the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to his request and included him in his Ramadan series, “Al-Omda,” he revealed Egyptian artist Ihsan Al-Turk Details of his story and the cause of his recent crisis.

Al-Turk told that the lack of artistic works is behind the deterioration of his financial conditions, and that is why he asked for help, especially since he had children and a family that forced him to sell his house, including the furniture, to spend on them.

He wondered: Is the lack of works presented to them considered a conspiracy against the artists of his generation, who are the middle generation in Egyptian art? roles?

middle generation

Al-Turk called for preserving the symbols of the middle generation and not forcing them to beg for work, adding that he was asking some producers and artists to help him find work, and he was already getting promises, but they evaporate in the air after that and they turn off their phones or not answer him again.

He said that he presented and participated in 280 artworks and dramas, and has been working in the artistic field for more than 20 years, and he was nominated for artistic roles by large production companies or the executive producer, indicating that whoever assumes the task now is new offices run by young people who do not know the symbols of his generation.

The Egyptian artist confirmed that he appealed to the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to help him because he is one of his sons and had previously worked with him, which Ramadan responded to and quickly provided him with a helping hand and nominated him for a role in his new series, which is currently being filmed, which is the series “The Mayor”.

his artistic career

It is noteworthy that the first appearance of the Egyptian artist, Ihsan Al-Turk, was in an advertisement for a home appliances company, and he began his artistic career in auxiliary and secondary roles, and participated in series, including “Silkawi Diaries”, “Al-Oqab”, “Arms Guard”, “Between Shatt and Maya” and “Al-Eisian”. He also participated in the cinema in the films “Sahar Al-Ayoun”, “Bouha”, “Volcano of Anger” and “His Excellency the Minister”.

Ihsan al-Turk was awarded the position of Goodwill Ambassador, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Newcastle in England.

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