After making sure of his mental health.. the execution of the killer of Salma Bahgat

After 4 sessions that began last September, an Egyptian court sentenced the student, Islam Mohamed Fathy, to death by hanging, after convicting him of killing his university colleague. Student Salma Bahjat Known in the media as “The Media Student”, with premeditation and surveillance.

legal opinion

The court had referred the defendant’s papers during the third session of last October to the Mufti of the Republic to seek his non-binding advisory opinion on the execution of the killer, to issue its verdict after receiving the legal opinion.

Today’s session began in Zagazig Criminal Court in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt, in the presence of the accused, Islam Muhammad, and the family of the victim, Salma Bahgat.

The security services set up iron barriers in the vicinity of the South Zagazig Court and adjacent to the Sharkia Security Directorate building, as well as preventing the presence of citizens in the vicinity of the court, publishing electronic gates and preventing entry to the courtroom except for those with permits to enter from the Mansoura Appeals Court.

Mental health

The previous session witnessed the arrival of Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital Report In Abbasiya, in which the convict was deposited based on a court decision, and it was proven that the defendant was mentally and psychologically sound at the time of the crime and at the present time, and that he did not suffer from any mental illness.

In its previous session, the court had decided to refer the defendant’s papers to the Grand Mufti of the Republic to express a legal opinion on the decision to execute him, and set today’s session to pronounce the verdict.

awful crime

The events of Case No. 7730 of 2022 Criminal Division Zagazig First, date back to August 9, when the security services received a report from the Police Rescue Service, of the death of a girl at the entrance to a residential property in the Zagazig First Division Department. The Public Prosecutor then decided to refer him imprisoned to the competent criminal court, and the Mansoura Appeals Court set his trial session.

It is noteworthy that the accused had ended the life of the victim, Salma Bahgat, after he had stabbed her with 33 stab wounds in different parts of the body, until she died on Tuesday, 9 August.

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