After making his scandals public, Harry is not welcome at his father’s coronation

British sources reported, Thursday, that Prince Harry will not be welcome at the coronation ceremony of his father, King Charles III, next May, in light of Criticisms directed at his family in his new book Spare, or “reserve,” according to British media.

The Sun newspaper said, “The senior members of the royal family have resented the idea of ​​spending time with him at the historic event,” noting that “it is unclear whether Charles will invite his youngest son to attend the coronation ceremony, or whether Prince Harry will He will accept the invitation.

The newspaper quoted a source as saying, “There were discussions within the royal family, that its members do not want private talks in the coronation.”

about a month ago, According to a report by the British Daily Mailthat although the official invitation to Harry and Megan to participate in the ceremony scheduled for next May has not yet been issued, the newspaper’s sources confirmed that the king informed his son and wife that they would be welcome at the ceremony.

On an American talk show, the Duke of Sussex mocked the royal protocol, evaded the answer to a question about whether he would attend the coronation ceremony, and only said: “A lot can happen from time to time.”

A source claimed, “The royal family expects Harry and Meghan to find a reason not to be there…that is, they will politely apologize for not attending, if they are invited.”

The British press has been dominated since the days of what Harry revealed in his memoirs about his life and other members of the royal family, accusing them of “collaborating with the devil”, or “yellow journalism”, as he described it, to improve their reputation at the expense of his and his wife Megan’s.

The English edition of Spear sold more than 1.43 million copies across all formats in the United States, Canada and Britain on its first day of publication.

In his memoirs, Harry, 38, recounts his grief over the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and his conflicts with his brother, Prince William, and the frustration of playing the “reserve” role in the shadow of his older brother, the heir to the British throne.

The prince has criticized tabloid press in the UK for its curiosity, intrusive and sometimes erroneous coverage, claimed that his wife Megan was not welcomed by his relatives, and accused members of the royal family, including his stepmother Camilla, of leaking stories to the media to burnish their image in front of the media.

Harry also reveals that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, and even reveals the first time he slept with a woman at the age of seventeen, who was older than him.

He also talks about his disagreement with his brother William and how his brother put him to the ground during a heated dispute between them, and their pleas to their father, King Charles, not to marry Camilla in 2005, who is now the king’s wife.

Until now, Buckingham Palace has not commented on any of these allegations, despite the rejection of royal supporters. So far, the royal family has not commented on the book or the interviews, and it is unlikely that it will issue a response to it, according to observers.

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