After he was excluded from the Asala concert .. “Singer Al-Naqash” reveals the secret

after I’m about to”debate singer“whose voice captured the hearts of people months ago in Egypt, on his way to stardom, he was excluded from singing at the concert of the Syrian artist Asala at the Egyptian Opera House.

Excluded after attending rehearsals

And Ahmed Salem, famous for “revealed”debate singerBehind the scenes of his meeting with an official at the Egyptian Opera House, after he was excluded from the concert, at the end of the 31st session of the Arab Music Festival.

He said in a telephone interview with one of the television programs, that after agreeing with the artist Asala’s office on the date of rehearsals and his attendance for training inside the opera, he was surprised before the ceremony by informing him that there was a problem that would hinder his attendance at the concert.

He also added that one of the opera officials explained to him that he was not authorized to go up on the stage, because it had not been announced in advance, while the festival would witness the presence of the Minister of Culture and other important figures.

Salem indicated that the artist, Asala, was not aware of these procedures when she invited him to participate in the ceremony.

debate singer

debate singer

Opera traditions do not allow

In turn, the musician Helmy Bakr, head of the preparatory committee for the Arab Music Festival, commented on the exclusion of Ahmed Salem from the concert because he never prevented him from participating, but the opera traditions do not allow adding any singer without first hearing him and allowing him to attend.

It is noteworthy that the art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi also commented on the exclusion of Ahmed Salem from the Asala concert, through a message on his Facebook account, accusing Bakr of obstructing the story.

Al-Shennawi pointed out that the whole story is summed up in the fact that the composer Helmy Bakr, a member of the festival’s Supreme Committee, considered that Salem was not commensurate with the dignity of the opera house, as he said.

Helmy Bakr

Helmy Bakr

polite apology

As for Salem, he apologized for not participating, justifying that this was due to a lack of the required papers.

In a video he posted on his official Facebook page, he said: I apologize for not attending the Arab Music Festival, but I didn’t find that I completed the papers required of me because time was tight.

This came after Ahmed Salem announced his participation, Asala, at the end of the Arab Music Festival, with a video clip from the rehearsal of the concert with the artist and the band.

In the video, he appeared rehearsing a group of her songs, such as “Qad Al-Haroof” and “A La La Jra”.

great fame

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Salem achieved great fame on social networking sites, after a video spread of him singing the song “Tomorrow Ya Habibi” by singer Warda, while working in the engraver profession.

The talent of the singer Al-Naqqash drew attention, and the singer Ramy Gamal, who announced his support for him and searched for him to cooperate with him on a new song, intervened.

The “Singer Al-Naqash” tag also topped the trend in Egypt last August, after the spread of the video in which he was singing, garnering great views, until cooperation offers rolled with him.

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