After discovering the “shattafa” in Qatar.. Croatian YouTuber: I feel “extremely terrified” because we only use tissues

Since the first days of the launch of the Qatar World Cup 2022, and the arrival of fans from all sides to the Gulf emirate to follow this huge event, various and funny news began to flock to social media, and video clips spread that clearly show the difference in cultures between Western and Arab society.

In an attempt to make this adventure entrenched in memory, a number of fans resorted to trying everything new and different, from eating Qatari Machboos by hand, to learning some Arabic words, and following different habits and lifestyles.

However, the most notable discovery, which was widely welcomed by the fans during their stay in Doha, was the “shattafa”.

I want her picture printed on a T-shirt.

And David Vujanich, the Croatian sports YouTuber, announced, hours ago, in a tweet he posted on Twitter, which he attached to a picture of a “shattafa” about the establishment of an extremist group to support this hidden invention, and he said, “I want to print its image on a shirt.”

Vujanich commented in a second tweet, saying: “I used toilet items in Qatar for a month.. I am so terrified because we only use toilet paper in the UK / Europe. This (shattafa) is the best thing ever, man.”

He stated that “defecation when he returns to the Kingdom will be painful because there are no bidets installed anywhere.”

Arab activists considered that the discovery of the bidet confirms the benefits of holding the World Cup in an Arab country.

Hakim Sabah wrote in a sarcastic post on Facebook, “Our European friends discovered the bidet. It is important to call it Toilet bum shower.”

Karim Medhat wrote: “If we came out with one victory from Qatar’s organization of the World Cup, it would be only one thing, the return of Westerners to their countries carrying enlightening ideas about the serious invention of the bidet.”

Nada Musharraf said: The boy, my eyes, from his great joy in discovering the (shattafa) at the World Cup in Qatar, and by comparing it with his miserable past before this great discovery, Ultras Shatafa Group worked and remained a leader and responsible for it .. No and wrote: (My bum is very thankful) .. Amal, my love, if he discovers the second bidet, what will he do to him?


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