After being referred to criminal trial… Details of Menna Shalaby’s confessions in the drug possession and abuse case

Al-Marsad newspaper: Yesterday, Wednesday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the transfer of the accused, Menna Shalabi, to criminal trial, to be punished for possessing the essence of narcotic hashish with the intention of using it.

The Egyptian media monitored Menna Shalaby’s confessions after her arrest at the airport on November 25, when the artist, Menna Shalaby, accused of possession of narcotic substances at Cairo Airport, said that she was in New York to attend the “Inter National” festival, and during her return to the country she was detained in a room and security at the time. .

And she continued, in her words: “While I was at Cairo airport, I crossed the customs, and I was out and I had three bags with me, and the world was crowded, and I put the bags that I had with me on the road so that it could be seen in them, and I found one of those standing at the customs telling me to have an electronic cigarette, so I told him I smoke a vape, and I was opening the bag to give him the vape, so I met another person who came and said we will open the rest of the bags and see them. At customs, I sat there for a while, and the bags were with them at that time.”

And Menna Shalaby continued in her sayings, “I found many people and officers familiar with a box of green makeup, telling me that it contains marijuana, so I told him that this is not true, and this is normal makeup. A lot of words outside, and after two or three hours, I found them telling me to ask for your lawyer, so I told them what happened. They told me that you have marijuana with you, and then he told me that you will be brought before the Public Prosecution. At that time, I was sitting, and I received news that I was under arrest with drugs, and I stayed there until I came here and was attacked. on the prosecution.”

Today, the Public Prosecution ordered the referral of the accused, Menna Shalaby, to criminal trial, to punish her for what was attributed to her in obtaining the substance of narcotic hashish with the intention of using in cases other than those permitted by law.


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