After being punished for a year with a suspended sentence.. Menna Shalaby’s lawyer: The verdict is equivalent to innocence

After the Cairo Criminal Court in Egypt ruled a punishment Actress Menna Shalaby Imprisonment for a year suspended, and a fine of 10,000 pounds in accusing her of obtaining the substance of narcotic hashish with the intention of using, the young star’s lawyer confirmed that the verdict is equivalent to innocence.

Dr. Muhammad Bahaa Abu Shaqqa, the lawyer for the heroine of “Beloah Al Rouh”, told CNN in Arabic that the artist, Menna Shalaby, paid the value of the financial fine immediately, adding that “the verdict is equivalent to innocence after the decision to suspend the implementation of imprisonment for a year.”

while returning from abroad

The police arrested the famous actress at Cairo Airport, on November 25, during her return from abroad, on charges of possession of narcotic substances, before she was released on the same day pending investigations.

On December 21, the Public Prosecutor referred Menna Shalaby to criminal trial. To punish her for the possession of narcotic hashish attributed to her with the intention of using it in cases other than those authorized by law, and the Court of Appeal set a session for January 5 to start the first session of her trial.


According to the Egyptian customs, the seizures included “6 plastic bags labeled with lychee containing the narcotic marijuana plant weighing 45 grams, two plastic bags marked with sherb containing the narcotic marijuana plant weighing 15 grams, a plastic bag marked with cannbrs containing the same narcotic plant weighing 6 grams, and a plastic bag labeled with the same narcotic plant weighing 6 grams.” Parpie punch contains the same narcotic plant, weighing 7 grams.

It also included a plastic bag labeled “cookies” containing the same drug, weighing 8 grams, a plastic bag labeled “connecten” containing the same narcotic plant weighing 9 grams, a transparent plastic package containing the same narcotic plant weighing 15 grams, and two transparent plastic packages containing two cigarettes with a plant inside. drugged marijuana”.

She was also found in possession of a carton box marked “wwc” containing 2 electronic hookahs labeled THC, 3 carton boxes marked stlllzy containing 2 electronic hookahs containing narcotic marijuana oil, and 3 plastic bags labeled prmium oil containing 3 electronic hookahs containing narcotic oil.

The seizures also included an electronic shisha containing narcotic oil, a cardboard box containing an ampoule containing an electronic shisha, a green box with smoke sessions marked with the marijuana plant, and an empty mill used for drug abuse.

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