After 35 years, the star, Brooke Shields, reveals that she was raped

American movie star and former model, Brooke Shields, 57, revealed for the first time that she was raped when she was in her twenties, when she was looking for a work of art to participate in.

Shields’ surprise came in a new documentary, which was shown Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, and bears the name “Pretty Baby” she acted in in 1978, when she was only 11 years old.

And the former model reveals that during her struggle to find an acting job after graduating from Princeton University in 1987, and her confusion about whether her career had already reached its peak, one of her acquaintances offered her to have dinner with him to discuss a role for her in a new movie, according to what the newspaper reported. “USA Today“.

“I thought it was a business meeting, especially since I knew this guy and met him before and he was always nice to me,” Shields says in the documentary.

Brooke Shields at the Sundance Film Festival, which is showing a documentary that tells her story

And she adds, “At dinner, he did not talk to me about a movie or any artwork, and I soon realized that his behavior was strange, so I said that I should order a private taxi to take me home.”

And she continued, “But the man insisted on calling me a taxi from his hotel room. I went up to his room, and then he disappeared for some time, before he appeared naked and threw himself at me.”

In the film, Shields recounts the details of that, while fighting back her tears, indicating that at that moment she had fears that this person would strangle or harm her: “These thoughts came to my head, so I did not struggle much, I just froze and thought I had to stay alive.” And get out of this situation physically sound.”

Shields did not release the name of her alleged attacker, noting that she then called a taxi and “cried the whole way” to her boyfriend’s apartment.

newspaper saysUSA TodayShields’ traumatic experience is one of many harrowing moments told in Pretty Baby, which tells the story of Shields’ rapid rise as a child model, and the disturbing way in which she was sexualized from a young age.

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