Advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo x90 mobile, the latest version from Vivo

As the company, Vivo, has announced its new flagship phone, vivo x90, which offers a distinctive user experience, and superb cameras, and this came with the latest Android 13 operating system, and in the next report, we will show you the most important specifications of the new vivo x90 phone.

phone screen

The phone screen has a size of 6.78 inches, type amoled, with FHD + quality, and it also supports the highest refresh rate of 120 Hz.

phone handler

While the processor came from MediaTek, an eight-core company: Dimensity 9200, with a frequency of 3.05 Hz, and an accuracy of 4 nanometers. While the Android 13 operating system

phone battery

The phone’s battery has a size of 4810 mAh and supports fast charging of 120 watts.

phone colors

The phone came in a wonderful range of colors such as: red, blue and black.

phone storage memory

The phone came in more than one version, as follows:

• The 8 GB RAM version with 128 GB storage space.
• While the 12-ram version with 256 storage space.
• And a copy of 12 GB RAM with 512 memory storage.

Phone advantages

• The phone supports two SIM cards, each of which supports 5G networks.
• It also has a large storage space with a distinctive AMOLED screen.
• While the vivo x90 mobile is water and dust resistant.
• The phone also features stereo speakers.
• The phone’s cameras provide distinctive and colorful images.
• The phone supports the fingerprint at the bottom of the screen.

phone cameras

Where the phone came with a single front camera and three rear cameras as follows:

• The first camera: It came with a size of 50 megapixels and supports optical stabilization.
• The second camera: It came with a resolution of 12 mega pixels for zoom work.
• And the third camera: It also came with a 12-megapixel resolution, and it is intended for ultra wide photography.
• And the front camera: it came with a 32-megapixel resolution, with an f/2.45 lens slot.

Phone defects

• The phone does not support the 3.5mm port for connecting earphones.
• It does not support shooting videos in 4k quality.
• There are cheaper phones that offer larger batteries.
• Also, the phone does not support the installation of a memory card.

The price of the phone

The Vivo phone has been launched abroad at the following prices:

• The 8 GB RAM version with 128 GB storage is $520.
• While the 12 GB RAM version with 256 GB storage memory is $560.

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