Abla Kamel lives in a state of grief, and Adel Imam is like Al-Ful

The captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Ashraf Zaki, revealed the reason for the star Abla Kamel’s departure from the artistic scene, in addition to the developments in the health of the artist, Adel Imam, at a time when he confirmed that there were many actors who were punished for insulting their colleagues.

Zaki said during his interview on the “Secret Ink” program, with the media, Asma Ibrahim, that the decision of Abla Kamel to move away from art was personal, adding, “We tried to talk to her a lot, and she decided and her permanent response, which is good, is provided by our Lord, and I am in contact with her.”

He pointed out that she is in a state of grief due to the death of one of her friends from outside the artistic community, saying, “I knew that she had a close friend from outside the medium who died, and this is her entrance in a state of grief,” stressing that there was an intention to honor her at the Drama Festival, but she apologized.

Adel Imam is in good health


During the meeting, Zaki talked about the health of the artist, Adel Imam, stressing that it is very good, and warning of rumors that are being circulated a lot about his health, and he said, “Adel Imam’s health is like a bad thing, and there is no need for people who are unique to rumors, and we are in constant contact with his children.”

He added that he is in contact with his two sons, Rami and Muhammad, and sometimes the communication is with the “leader” personally, continuing: “For a while he had a friend and the leader, Adel Imam, spoke to me personally and well.”

Zaki revealed an incident that occurred in the Syndicate of Acting Professions with Adel Imam, 17 years old, saying: “It is a great thing that Adel Imam is the captain of the actors in Egypt.

A code of honor applies to artists

In the same context, Ashraf Zaki revealed that there is a code of honor, which applies to artists, and prevents defamation of actors in each other, stressing that there are many who have been decided to be referred for investigation and punished because of these cases.

He said that he crossed out the names of all the actors who committed mistakes against Egypt, and that the actors who offended each other, some of them were referred for investigation, and some of them were issued a warning and some of them received another punishment.

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