A whirlwind ignited.. Myriam Fares reveals who wrote the song “Toko Taka”

After the widespread controversy sparked by her song for the World Cup in QatarLebanese star Myriam Fares revealed some of the scenes of her participation in Tukoh Taka.

The owner of “Kawmi Qawmi” announced that the project took 5 years to prepare, in which two songs were implemented, but she was convinced of Tukoh Taka.

From her sister’s words and melodies

In response to the criticism, she explained that she had composed the Arabic part of the song, which will participate among other official songs at the opening of this important event, and distributed it as well, so that she selected all Arab and oriental instruments.

While her sister wrote the words, Myriam added terms such as: “Peace be upon you.”

And she continued in a statement to the Et in Arabic program: Her message from adding peace in the Arabic language lies in the fact that artists are advocates of peace wherever they go, and it was not just a greeting, pointing out that she wanted to gather all the world to come to the Middle East.

The words of the Lebanese singer came after a widespread attack on her after the promotional clip of the song Tukoh Taka spread, as some considered it a clear imitation of the style of the Colombian star Shakira, who performed the World Cup song in 2010, in terms of singing and dancing, as well as poetry and clothes.

The lyrics also have a share of criticism, as some comments considered them “very poor” on the technical level.

The first World Cup song in history to achieve this status

It is noteworthy that the FIFA Association released, on Friday, the song Tukoh Taka by Myriam Fares, the American Nicki Minaj, and the Colombian Maluma.

And the song “Toko Taka” reached first place on the “iTunes” America application, defeating “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, which makes it the first World Cup song in history to achieve this position.

The video dedicated to the song was also released, directed by Edgar Steves and Juan Philip Zulita, and includes clips from football matches, to show Myriam Fares and Maluma singing in the desert, and Nicki Minaj singing on a bus for fans.

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