A video reveals the truth.. the last moments of the highway girls accident in Egypt

While still “Salah Salem” highway accident in Cairo Which resulted in the death of a girl and the injury of her sister and 3 of their friends, occupying Egyptian public opinion. A 17-second video revealed the entire truth.

And the surveillance cameras on Salah Salem Street in Cairo showed, in a recording that was recorded by the security services, that the girl Rehan’s car was moving up the road at a normal speed on the right, and the road movement was also calm, and suddenly the girl increased the speed of the car and entered the other lanes until it crossed the entire road and suddenly collided. The car hit the concrete barrier at great speed, and the car returned to the middle of the road due to the force of the collision with the barriers installed on both sides of the road.

No criminal suspicion

A statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior denied the statements of the girl’s father, Rehan, who confirmed that a young man driving a car deliberately harassed them, which led to the accident.

Investigation investigations reported that there was no criminal suspicion in the “Salah Salem” accident, and that the steering wheel misfired in the hands of the girl while she was driving, and then she lost stability and wrongly pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, which resulted in her death and the injury of her sister and their friends with superficial injuries.

Investigation investigations indicated that the girl was on her way to her family’s home in Heliopolis after she finished attending her friend’s “Henna” party in Nasr City, and that the rest of the girls came from Alexandria to attend the ceremony because of a friendship that brought them together from university days.

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