A video of a young minister who captures the hearts of the Saudis..a surprising skill with the ball

He wasn’t impressed Saudi team Football fans after its “historic” victory over the Argentine national team only a few days ago, but also the performance of the Minister of Sports, the heart of communication.

A video spread like wildfire, of the Saudi Minister of Sports, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, showing his football skills with the help of a tennis ball, which stunned the pioneers of social networking sites.

The performance of the elected minister

The clip, spread on Twitter, received wide interaction, after the users confirmed that what the Saudi national team presented “did not come out of nowhere, if the Minister of Sports was so skilled,” as they put it.

As one of them said: “If this minister…it is normal for our team to be so creative,” while another wrote: “This is why our team has high skills…a shame, Your Highness.”

“historic victory”

And this video spread hours after the Saudi team, “Al-Akhdar”, achieved a historic victory, as described by “FIFA”, over its Argentine counterpart, with two goals to one, at the start of the two teams’ journey in the World Cup Qatar 2022, in the biggest surprises of the tournament, perhaps in its history.

While the young minister confirmed, in a subsequent interview with the American network “CNN”, that he was happy that all the efforts that had been made had borne fruit through the performance of the Saudi national team, stressing that he was a global player.

He also made it clear that the Kingdom does not currently have a bid to host the 2030 World Cup, but is currently focusing on submitting a bid to host the AFC Women’s Championship in 2026, and to host the AFC Men’s Cup in 2027.

He pointed out that the Kingdom won the bid for the Asian Games in 2030, so its full focus is on how to prepare the stadiums and infrastructure to host these two events.

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