A university professor.. Details about the announcer with the “inappropriate voice”

After the Egyptian satellite channel Al-Nahar announced that a broadcaster would stop working and stop her program, because of her voice and clothes, new details about her and her previous career were revealed.

It turns out The suspended announcer Mona Al-Omda She was working as a university professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, and left teaching at the university to work in the field of media, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, and was appointed as a professor in the Faculty of Chemistry. She appeared before on social media as a content presenter, then went to work in the media.

She presented several programs on Egyptian satellite channels and participated in a television series.

“New Republic”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian satellite channel “Al-Nahar” had decided to suspend Mona Al-Omda, the presenter of the “New Republic” program, and to refer those responsible for the program, its content and its employees for investigation.

And she said in a statement on Saturday evening that she had detected some errors and abuses in one of the last episodes of the program, and decided to stop it until it was returned to the right track, or canceled permanently, stressing her keenness to provide content and professional performance befitting her viewers and approved by professional work ethics.

Improper vocal performance

It is noteworthy that the presenter and her program were severely criticized for presenting him with an inappropriate voice performance, and in a way that attracted the ridicule of followers, commentators and viewers, amid calls to stop her and stop the program.

The artist, Hani Ramzi, criticized the broadcaster and the program. He commented in his tweet on “Twitter” in a comical way, saying: “It seems that I turned on the TV at an inappropriate time.”

The program dealt with new projects undertaken by the state. During an episode on the New Administrative Capital, Mona Al-Omda made grave mistakes that made her the target of criticism and accusations.

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