A Turkish woman who married her at the age of 6 is suing her husband and her parents after 17 years

A marriage incident that took place in Turkey about 17 years ago turned into a public opinion issue in the country until it entered the Turkish parliament, where the deputy head of the parliamentary bloc of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey called for an immediate investigation into the marriage incident that took place in 2005 when A Turkish cleric agreed to marry his then 6-year-old daughter.

But today, Yusef Zia Gomushal, the father of the girl, who is now about 23 years old, may face a prison sentence of at least 27 years, which is the same punishment that her husband and her mother will face, in the event that they are all convicted of sexual assault on a minor, as they all participated in her marriage when she was an adult. At the age of 6, she later gave birth to her first and only child at the age of fourteen.

The authorities arrested the husband and the wife's father as well

The authorities arrested the husband and the wife’s father as well

Although the complaint filed by Gumushal’s daughter against her father, mother, and husband dates back to last October, her case was widely circulated by Turkish media for the first time since the beginning of this December, which contributed to the authorities’ urgent intervention, as her father and husband were arrested after that. Immediately.

Judicial sources told Al-Arabiya.net from Istanbul, where the trial is taking place, that “the Turkish judiciary decided to start the first court session regarding the case of assaulting a minor on January 30, instead of the session that was supposed to be held on May 22.”

According to the same sources, the date of the trial sessions for the three defendants, who are the complainant’s father, husband and mother, was brought forward, as a result of the great support that Ibn Gumushal received from the various parties of the country, especially the main parties in Parliament, such as the ruling party, the “Republican People” and the pro-Kurdish “Democratic Peoples” and the “Democratic Peoples” party. Al-Khair, the nationalist party, is also known as the “Good” party.

The circulation of Gumushal’s daughter’s case on the Turkish media forced the religious group led by her father to close its website and the group’s accounts on social media. However, she later claimed that her site had been hacked.

Gumushal’s daughter brought the marriage of minors in Turkey to the fore once again, especially after the leaders of the country’s major parties declared their solidarity with her, who questioned the number of cases of underage marriage that have not been talked about for a long time, citing Gumushal’s daughter, who touched on her case after about 17 years of her marriage.

And Kamal Kilicdaroglu, head of the “Republican People’s Party”, the main opposition party in Turkey, considered that this marriage incident was a “crime” and that “the perpetrators should receive the necessary punishment so that similar ones will not be repeated later,” in a position commensurate with the statements of Meral Akeshnar, leader of the “Good” party. Which demanded the security authorities not to release Gumushal’s daughter-in-law and her father.

The authorities arrested the complainant's father and husband after her case was reported to the media

The authorities arrested the complainant’s father and husband after her case was reported to the media

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