A Tunisian sells millions of balls that Maradona entered as a goal in his hand in the World Cup

A former football referee, the Tunisian Ali bin Nasser, who is currently 78, has kept for more than 36 years what is considered the most famous ball the game has known in its history, which one of them may pay more than 3 million dollars to buy in an auction organized, on Wednesday, by Graham Budd House. Britain, and its events are broadcast live on the Internet.

The former referee knew the importance of that ball, after managing a decisive match played by the English and Argentine teams in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, in which Diego Maradona caught the ball at Azteca Stadium in the Mexican capital, and when English goalkeeper Peter Shilton jumped to prevent him from headbutting it, Maradona’s left fist preceded him. , perhaps a few centimeters, so he pushed it and inserted it with his hand a target whose quick details were difficult for the referee to notice. As for the Tunisian referee, it was too late to see it clearly from afar, so he counted it in favor of the Argentine national team.

After the match in which Maradona scored a second goal, they considered it the “goal of the century,” according to what FIFA described on its website, and we see it starting from the 50th second in a video presented by “Al Arabiya.net” for the two goals above, the Argentine won 2-1 against the Englishman, then Maradona explained to reporters, “The hand of It was God who entered the goal,” he admitted, acknowledging what he said he scored with his hand, and with the goal, England unjustly exited the cup.

And not only entered the goal, but history

And that ball did not enter the goal only, but into the records of history, just as entered the number 10 shirt worn by Maradona in that match, and was sold by an auction organized by Sotheby’s last May, for 9 million and 300 thousand dollars.

As for the former referee, Ali bin Nasser, he has his version of what happened as well, and his summary, according to what was repeatedly mentioned to agencies and journalists who asked him, that he does not bear the responsibility of calculating an incorrect goal, when the ball entered the goal, he went to the middle of the field, and at the same time looked at the rule of the Bulgarian flag. “And when I saw him also heading towards his middle, in recognition of his health, I took his opinion,” he said.

We hear him also saying in the second video above, that he suspected something, which is the hand, but the assistant referee told him that the goalkeeper’s hand touched the ball as Maradona’s kid as well, with the weighting that the goalkeeper’s hand pushed it to enter a goal in his own goal, so Bin Nasser calculated it, and with it With the “Goal of the Century”, Argentina won the match, then the World Cup against Germany, all brilliantly Maradona, who passes two years on November 25 since his death at the age of 60 years.

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