A tragic story of the ill-fated Nepal plane.. The co-pilot met the fate of her husband, 17 years apart

In a story with tragic and bizarre details, co-pilot V.I Nepal plane The stricken woman died, 17 years after the death of her husband in a similar incident.

A Yeti plane, which took off from the capital, Kathmandu, towards the city of Pokhara, fell on Sunday in a 300-meter-deep valley between the old Pokhara airport, which was built in 1958, and the new international airport, which opened on January 1.

There were 72 people on board, and the authorities found corpses of 68 of themand later stated that there was “no hope” of finding survivors.

The flight attendant was among those missing in the crash, but 24 hours later, authorities said the chances of finding survivors were “zero”.

Anju Khatiwada, 44, followed in the footsteps of her husband, pilot Dipak Pokharel, and joined Yeti in 2010.

Same airline

And 4 years before that date, a small passenger plane crashed during a domestic flight in Nepal, minutes before landing. The pilot at the time was her husband, Deepak, a Yeti official told Reuters.

Ironically, the couple were killed while on board planes belonging to the same airline, Yeti.

Despite the tragic accident in which she lost her husband, the wife decided to learn to fly and pay the tuition fees from the compensation she received after her husband’s death.

Anju had a wealth of aviation experience as a co-pilot, with over 6,400 hours of flying time, and used to fly from the capital, Kathmandu, to Pokhara, the second largest city in the country.

While the body of the flight attendant has not yet been found, the authorities have found the body of the pilot, Captain Kemal KC, after identifying it.

It is reported that Anju was a few steps away from holding the title of captain and flying planes alone. This flight was her last as a co-pilot.

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