A sudden danger threatens the wedding of Trump’s daughter and a Lebanese billionaire

Since yesterday, the wind has been blowing in what the former American president does not desire, Donald TrumpAnd not 500 people invited from most of the world to attend the wedding of his youngest daughter and of Lebanese origin, starting from Friday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, all because of an imminent danger that appeared as “Nicole” suddenly, capable of smashing windows and tampering with tables and chairs and those around them. And so on, turning the dream into a nightmare.

Although Nicole’s intensity decreased yesterday, it turned from a hurricane to a tropical storm that began to hit the east coast of Florida with winds of 120 kilometers per hour, according to the agencies quoted by the “National Hurricane Center” in the United States.

So it’s a wedding Tiffany Trump The 29-year-old, and the Lebanese-born Michael Boulos, one year younger than her, is still at the mercy of Nicole, until further notice today, or the Friday scheduled dinner for those who arrived early from the invited. As for those who are late to attend, due to the closure of Palm Beach International Airport, they may not accept the invitation if the airport remains closed, or wait for it to reopen if weather conditions permit, to attend the wedding ceremony of the two who met during a party hosted by the American actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan, in 2018 on the island of Mykonos In Greece.

Tiffany, who graduated in sociology and urban studies from the University of Pennsylvania, is Trump’s only daughter with American Marla Maples, formerly known as an actress and television personality, whom she married in 1993 and separated by a divorce 6 years later. As for her groom, the son of the Lebanese, Massad Boulos, who was a child when he immigrated with his family to the United States in the seventies, he was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he received his education at an international school for the elite, according to what “Al Arabiya.net” previously reported, after which he moved to where he resided. He studied “Management Finance and Risk” at the University of London in the British capital.

Two catastrophes in a few days

The father, Massad Boulos, married when he was a student to Sarah, the daughter of businessman Zuhair Faddoul, who joined his young son-in-law into a family company that has interests in 13 African countries, the most important of which is Nigeria, where it is active in building, selling, assembling and maintaining cars, as well as drilling machines and tractors.

When he asked her for her hand on the White House lawn two years ago and a picture of the groom and bride's families

When he asked her for her hand on the White House lawn two years ago and a picture of the groom and bride’s families

In Nigeria, Sarah, who obtained French citizenship through her mother, settled with her husband, who helped her establish an association for theatrical arts, and when their son Michael was 6 years old, a double tragedy shook the family from its roots, as 7 members of her family were killed, including Sarah’s uncle and aunt. A house fire caused by a faulty Christmas tree lights.

A few days later, on Christmas in particular, another catastrophe occurred, with the death of 5 members of her family as well, including her mother and brother, who were traveling from Cotonou in Benin to Beirut to attend the funeral of those killed in the fire, when their chartered plane crashed on takeoff.

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