A rare disease that hurt her heart and saddened her heart, so her story blew the hearts of the pioneers of communication

Her life was turned upside down after the disease hurt her body and grieved her heart, so her story blew the hearts of the pioneers of social networking sites who interacted with her health condition because of her suffering from a rare skin disease that hijacked her smile.

It is a story of suffering experienced by Iman Boukhalfa, who comes from the municipality of Afron in Blida, east of Algiers, following a rare case of skin cancer.

The young woman recounted, according to what was broadcast by “Al-Nahar” channel, that she discovered her illness in 2020, and her condition was followed up at “Mustafa Pasha” Hospital in the capital, where she underwent 4 health protocols, including chemotherapy, but the doctors assured her that there was no medicine to treat her condition in Algeria.

Iman revealed that she could not even sleep, because of the severe pain that she could not leave because of the tumors covering her body.

But despite all that, the young woman expressed her patience and hope to return to her normal life, like her peers, saying: “I always say thank God, I want to go back.”

As I was before, chemotherapy did not work, and the doctors gave me hope of recovery if I traveled for treatment abroad.

Eman sent a message of appeal to everyone who can help her with treatment and overcome her ordeal, especially since the cost of her treatment exceeds her family’s capabilities, as she is the daughter of a retired natural sciences professor.

And in the hope that she will find an echo and attention to her condition, Iman remains steadfast, smiling, and fighting disease. Her weapon is patience in the face of this disease, and she contemplates her previous images and looks forward to a better tomorrow.

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