A pro-Bolsonaro Lebanese businessman jumps out of a window to escape the police

A businessman of Lebanese origin, known in Brazil as Raif Gibran, jumped out of the window yesterday, Friday, when the police knocked on the door of his house in the prestigious Barra da Tijuca district of Rio de Janeiro, because the authorities accuse him of financing supporters like him for the former president, Jair. BolsonaroOn January 8, they stormed the presidential palace in the capital, Brasilia, as well as the Congress and Supreme Court buildings.

Raif Gibran, the owner of a famous chain of restaurants called Rústico Premium in a number of Brazilian states, whose prices are the highest, is the son of the Lebanese Gibran al-Hajj, owner of the Torre Palace Hotel, which has been closed since 2013 in Rio, and is up for auction next week, according to Al Arabiya.net’s summary. What I read about his son on social media and local media, she reinforced her news with the video shown below, in which we see him declaring war on the authorities, with expressions that contain many offensive words.

In the video, we see Raif Jibran, or perhaps Raif, shouting among the intruders and saying: “Today is Sunday. Show that power comes from the people. We are subjected to rubber bullets and tear gas here, but we have to show that this (swearing) is ours. If you are on vacation On the beach (swearing) get up and come to war. Would you accept to be led by a communist son of…” referring to who won over Bolsonaro Elections, and took office on the first day of January, the leftist Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who is invited to visit Washington next week.

The police had prepared a plan, according to which they sorted out 5 people out of the 1,600 they arrested. However, they were unable to arrest Raif, who had disappeared from the capital, until information arrived about his presence yesterday in his two-storey house, and when they rushed to him and knocked on the door and entered him, they found that he had jumped from the window of the second floor and disappeared from view, turning since yesterday into the most prominent news. Sweetened.

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