A pornographic video scandal of a senior Egyptian official… New details

A video clip published by an Egyptian lawyer with his client detonated a resounding bomb on the communication sites. During the clip, the man accused his wife of committing “adultery” with the head of the Competitions Committee and the person responsible for women’s football in the Egyptian Football Association, “K.K.”

In a new scandal, lawyer Ahmed Mahran said that the incident of accusing a woman of adultery with an official of the Football Association will take several paths. According to what was reported by the “Masrawy” website.

Video check

He made it clear that the prosecution is scheduled to request investigations of the investigators about the authenticity of the incident, request to hear the statements of the wife (the complainant) and the husband (the complainant), and to examine the video by a specialized committee from radio and television.

The husband is a soccer player

He added that the husband plays football in one of the regional clubs, and introduced his wife to the official of the Football Association, so that he would play with him.

Lawyer with husband

Lawyer with husband

He also added that the husband discovered the incident of his wife’s “adultery” a month and a half ago by chance; He explained that the wife was visiting her family, and the husband found in the cupboard a photo album containing a “memory card” and, playing it, watched a sexual video of his wife with the football official.

He indicated that throughout the past period he had tried to reach his wife, but her family hid her whereabouts from him, so he resorted to the Public Prosecution by filing a complaint.

43 minutes

The 43-minute video revealed the wife and the senior official while they were practicing the crime of adultery and immoral acts inside the apartment, calling for the application of the text of Article 274 of the Penal Code, which stipulates that a married woman whose adultery is proven to be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, and that the partner of the adulterer be punished. the same punishment.”

On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities decided to investigate the incident and summon the wife to listen to her statements, as well as the senior official of the Football Association, after he was dismissed from his position on the background of this scandal.

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