A popular type of herb that enhances sexual ability, improves liver function, and regulates blood sugar

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Cloves are a type of medicinal herb that has multiple benefits, given that it contains powerful antioxidants that treat free radicals, in addition to its role in treating infections, improving liver function, regulating blood sugar, and promoting sexual health, according to Web Medicine. .

Among the most important benefits of cloves are:

1- Prevention of infections and strengthening immunity

Cloves have been shown to help treat many infections because they contain powerful antioxidants called phenols, which fight free radicals.

2. Promote respiratory health

Cloves help the respiratory system with the following: Preventing upper respiratory infections, and relieving their symptoms. Prevention of colds, influenza, cough, cold and asthma. Prevention of trachea infections, sinusitis. Expelling sputum and getting rid of it quickly.

3 Treatment and relief of tooth and gum pain

One of the most common benefits of cloves is its role in relieving toothache. In addition to being antiseptic and antibacterial, it contains Eugenol oil, which acts as an anesthetic. And it can be used by adding a little clove oil to a piece of cotton and placing it on the place of pain, then the immediate result of soothing will begin. Besides, it is also used to remove bad breath.

4 Promote the health of the digestive system

Cloves have been found to help the digestive system with the following: Facilitating digestion. Expulsion of gases. Relieve vomiting. Relieve stomach pain. Diarrhea treatment. Reducing the risk of stomach ulcers, and helping to heal them, if present.

5 Promoting sexual health, as it was found that cloves play a role in treating premature ejaculation, by reducing the speed of reaching orgasm in men.

6. Regulating blood sugar levels

One of the benefits of cloves is its role in regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics, thus reducing their risk of various complications.

7. Improve liver function

The antioxidant eugenol present in cloves contributes to improving liver function, in addition to its benefit in reducing the risk of cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

8. Improve bone health

It has been found that cloves may help increase bone mineral density, but we still need more research to confirm these effects.

9. Fighting acne

Clove oil can be an effective acne treatment, as eugenol stabilizes the activity of the bacteria responsible for acne, and reduces the inflammatory response.


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