A picture of Yasmine Sabry and Abu Hashima in a restaurant raises questions!

A circulating picture of the Egyptian actress raised Yasmine Sabry With businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, questions again.

Social networking sites circulated a picture of the duo from inside a restaurant while they were having dinner, which sparked controversy between fans and fans of the famous duo.

In addition, a source revealed to “Cairo 24”, that this photo is old and not a recent meeting between the two parties, whether from Yasmine Sabry or businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and that the news that spread that they returned to each other is incorrect and completely untrue.

It is noteworthy that the marriage of Yasmine and Abu Hashima lasted for two years, before they announced their separation quietly last May.

circulating picture

circulating picture

Abu Hashima said during his meeting on the “Interactom” program broadcast on Al-Arabiya channel at the time, “I have all the appreciation, respect and goat for Yasmine, but my personal life is impossible to talk about, because it is related to a second party as well, adding that his ex-wife is a very respectable person.”

In turn, the Egyptian artist praised her ex-husband in local statements, stressing that he was very generous with her, surprising her and always showering her with gifts.

The actress was Yasmine Sabry She returned to follow her ex-husband Ahmed Abu Hashima On his account on the Instagram photo-sharing site, the well-known businessman also shared the same move, a few months after their separation, which opened the door to questions about the duo’s return to each other again.

Ahmed and Yasmine were married two years ago, specifically in April 2020, and chose to hold the marriage contract in a family atmosphere, which was absent at the time, the father of the bride, due to the crises that occurred between him and his daughter, while the marriage did not result in children.

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