A new defeat for Zamalek..and its president implements his “delayed decision”

The PGA golf club has asked a judge in the United States to allow it to sue the Saudi Public Investment Fund and its governor, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, amid fierce legal battles with the new LIV league.

According to the agencybloombergThe American BGA Championships seeks to add the Saudi sovereign wealth fund and its portfolios to the lawsuit alleging that the Saudi-backed LIV League competes unfairly by luring BGA Tour players millions of dollars to breach their contracts.

The request to add additional defendants also comes as the PGA and LIV leagues are deadlocked over records required by each side ahead of a trial set for January 2024.

The battle between the ancient golf league began with 11 players who went to participate in the new league supported by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, as the players filed a lawsuit against the “BGA” tournaments after they were stopped from participating due to their move to a new tournament.

LIV League joined the suit a month later, prompting the game’s superstars to withdraw. BGA responded afterward, claiming that LAV’s alleged interference in its players’ contracts harmed its brand and reputation, while the Saudi-backed league claims that BGA is a monopolistic company working to sabotage a new competitor.

Saudi-backed golf company LIV said in a lawsuit that former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have tried to influence the Justice Department not to investigate BGA for potential antitrust violations as the clash intensified. between the two rivals last year.

The LIV League alleged in a new suit on Monday that BGA illegally tried to block the new competition.

And according to what was reported by the agency, “bloombergLIV alleged that Rice, a member of the Augusta National Golf Club, tried to influence the Justice Department not to investigate the antitrust case.

And the Saudis had signed with the most famous names in the game of golf to participate in their new tournament after they “lured them with money,” according to the newspaper.The New York Times“, which said earlier that the Saudi-funded league comes to compete with the “BGA” championships, which is the championship that for decades was the most important event and the highest level in the world golf championships and its first criterion.

The new Saudi-funded league brought together 48 players who were seduced by the excessive financial prizes, amounting to more than $ 250 million, extending over eight rounds around the world, and in a unique format over three days without interruption.

Last October, it was reported byCNBCAl-Akhbariya reported that the “BGA” golf professional championships filed a lawsuit against the Saudi Public Investment Fund, asking the American courts to question its governor, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, regarding the “LIV” tournament launched by the Saudi Wealth Fund.

Bloomberg reported that the request to add other defendants at a time when “BGA” and “LIV” reached a dead end due to the records that each side requires before the trial set in January 2024.

BGA had requested records from the Saudi investment fund.

After Al-Douri’s lawyers, funded by the Public Investment Fund, whose hierarchy is the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, initially agreed to cooperate, they later objected.

The lawyers alleged that LIV was not required to comply with such requests because it is not affiliated with the United States, according to a person familiar with the legal dealings of the American network.

Bloomberg reported that the Saudi Investment Fund and Al-Rumayyan claimed that they could not be forced to hand over the documents because they had sovereign immunity.

However, the agency indicated that adding them as defendants would remove this condition from them, according to what it quoted from “BGA”.

Critics accuse the Saudi Public Investment Fund of “sportswashing” by using the league to divert attention from the kingdom’s history of human rights abuses.

However, Riyadh always denies these accusations and says that it is working to organize and host sports tournaments in order to diversify sources of income within the Crown Prince’s 2030 plan, to reduce its economy’s dependence on oil products.

The first season of the “LIV” league concluded last October, and the second season will start in late February in Mexico, which hosts a round for the first time.

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