A nasty guest with heavy blood described as clumsy refuses to leave the British Parliament!

The British Parliament has become suffering from a heavy-blooded guest with whom all efforts to force him to leave have failed, as an official review conducted in Britain concluded that Parliament is full of “super” rats that escape from the traps set for them, despite spending tens of thousands of pounds every year to combat them. rodents.

Parliamentary authorities requested an internal review of the problem, which revealed that it was much more difficult to kill wandering rats in the House of Commons and Lords than ordinary rodents.



The review revealed that there were about 600 traps in the kitchens and dining areas of the Palace of Westminster, but rats appeared to be resistant to many of the toxins.

In November, it was found that Parliament’s food hygiene rating had fallen from five to two, as rat droppings were found in many of Parliament’s food serving areas.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the health inspection report issued by Westminster City Council stated that there is a lack of adequate monitoring, and indicated that comprehensive daily cleaning is not carried out regularly.

However, the authorities say Parliament is a safe place to work and eat and insist they are committed to a humane and ethical rodent control programme.

In 2014, Penny Mordaunt, now Leader of the House of Commons, brought her own cat into Parliament to address the issue.

A British Parliament spokesperson said: “Parliament is a safe place to work and eat, with strong food safety and hygiene controls in place.”

And he added: We are committed to maintaining a humane and ethical pest control program, with a focus on preventive measures and, when necessary, the use of various control methods.

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