A message of intimidation.. This is the secret of Kim’s daughter appearing with him among the missiles!

It was not the first appearance of a daughter North Korean leader Who always surrounds his private life with an ordinary iron curtain, the mysterious girl who held the leader’s hand occupied social media during the past days.

The girl, who was almost a teenager, appeared next to her father in pictures broadcast by the Korean Central News Agency on Friday, without mentioning her name or age.

Rather, it was reported that she and her father took a family picnic at a missile launch center, during which he himself supervised one launch, of the new “Hwasong-17”, and its launch caused global tensions.

“Potential successor”

However, the significance of this rare appearance remains a deadlock. Some experts have indicated that it is a new confirmation of the leader’s vision of the continuity of his dynasty in ruling the country, considering it a “very rare incident.”

In the context, Cheong Seong-Hang, an expert on North Korean affairs at the Sejong Institute in South Korea, explained that the young woman is like a North Korean “princess”.

He also indicated that she may become authorized to participate in state affairs and may also be a successor to the Korean leader, according to what was reported by AFP.

He also pointed out that Kim’s father had chosen him as a successor from among his children because he was very similar to him in personality and temperament, explaining that the current North Korean leader might take the same approach.

It is known that Kim Jong Un, the grandson of North Korea’s founding father Kim Il Sung, and the representative of the third generation ruling the country, married Ri Sol Ju in 2009, according to South Korean intelligence.

While Ri Sol Ju gave birth to their first child the following year, and the second and third in 2013 and 2017, the same source added, without specifying their gender.

With little information, the girl is likely to be Jo Ae, Cheong Seong-hang said.

System will not go away!

Although Pyongyang has conducted a record series of ballistic missile launches since the beginning of this year, the appearance of the leader’s daughter in this condition may be another signal to the world that the North Korean regime is not ready to disappear, according to analyst Sue Kim.

She made it clear that this is a symbolic image of Kim passing the scepter of power to the next generation, according to her expression.

She stressed that it may be a message to the international community calling for it to accept the fourth version of intimidation and hostility on the part of Pyongyang.

She also added that the pictures indicate a great degree of closeness and comfort between Kim and his daughter, which ultimately means her willingness to take over after her father.

While the head of the International Institute for Studies on North Korea, Chan-Il Ahn, had a different opinion, when he considered that these pictures also indicate that the North Korean leader wants to show himself as a “normal” leader.

He added that Kim presented himself as a “loving father” while launching ICBMs.

This opinion was confirmed by John Delory, a professor at Yonsei University, saying: “He is no longer a man of war or a narcissistic missile man. He is a good father, who protects his family as he protects the nation,” according to his words.

1000 km in 72 minutes!

It is noteworthy that, last Friday, North Korea launched a missile from Pyongyang International Airport, which reached an altitude of 6040 km, then traveled 1000 km in 72 minutes before landing in a location near international waters 200 km from the coast of Japan.

As a result, a festive atmosphere prevailed, in the presence of the daughter and her mother, Ri Sol Ju, in addition to leaders and soldiers who shouted at the success of the experiment.

This new experience also sparked a massive international outcry, after which denunciations followed.

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