A Lebanese asks God for forgiveness in Turkey…then jumps out of a window and commits suicide

A Lebanese youth appeared in a video currently circulating on social media, pronouncing the two testimonies of faith in his office in Istanbul, where he resides. (Al-Arabiya.net refrains from publishing the video because it is shocking.)

Although the office is “located on the seventh floor,” Muhammad al-Sayyid did not die, perhaps because he fell to some balcony below the office, or something else, so he was transferred, last Saturday, to intensive care in a hospital, according to what “Al-Arabiya” reported. Net” from its review of his experience on 5 Lebanese news sites, unanimously agreed that he “uttered the two testimonies before committing suicide,” and that he was undergoing treatment for fractures in the pelvis and feet, as well as for damage to his lungs.

We do not hear the gentleman who we see in the video moving with a bit of tension in the office, pronouncing the two testimonies of faith, but asking whoever was with him what he should say in order for God to forgive him, so he told him to say “I ask forgiveness from God the Great.” The master said it in front of an internal surveillance camera that filmed him, then he suddenly sped up. to the window and threw himself out of it, wanting to end his own life. But the strange thing is that whoever was with him did not rush to the window to see what happened to him, but rather he knelt on the ground for about a minute, then he went to a table to call perhaps the police or a health authority from which he asked for an ambulance.

It is not yet known why the window jumper committed suicide, but the only website that contacted his family, which is “Lebanon 24” news, reported that the Lebanese consulate in Istanbul is accompanying his case, and that he is from the far town of “Barja” in the Chouf district, 30 kilometers from Beirut “suffers from a severe psychological crisis.” The family refused to mention its details, while “Lebanon 24” suggested that his family itself might be the cause, without citing a source for what he said.

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