A Jordanian player’s heart stopped twice during a match… and this is his health condition

Sports accidents always happen in stadiums, fields and sports forums, and this time the incident happened in Jordan when a Jordanian handball player stopped his heart during an official match in the capital, Amman, twice.

The player of the Jordanian national handball team and the Kufranja club, Adel Bakr Atari, suffered a severe heart attack that stopped his heart while participating with his club in front of Al-Salt Club yesterday, Monday, at Princess Sumaya Hall in Al-Hussein Youth City, as part of the Jordan Cup.

sudden fall

The head of the Kufranja club, Imad Freihat, confirmed the poor health of the 36-year-old, after he suddenly fell to the ground during the match that brought his team together with Al-Salt, in the Jordan Cup handball tournament.

The club’s president indicated that the player fell suddenly during the second half of the match, to yearn for his heart, which necessitated the intervention of paramedics from both teams, as well as the intervention of other paramedics on the stands.

He noted that the efforts of the ambulance teams succeeded in the resuscitation process for him, but his heart stopped again when he arrived at the hospital, noting that upon his arrival at the hospital he underwent a catheterization operation.

And he indicated that the player also stopped having the brain during his fall on the field to return after that, which is waiting for its effects from the medical team at the present time, as it takes approximately 40 hours to find out the correct diagnosis of his health condition.

Civil Defense is online

And the moment he suffered a heart attack in the middle of the second half, the medical devices with the two teams and the civil defense men rushed to perform all the necessary first aid before he was transferred to a hospital near Al Hussein Youth City by civil defense ambulance.

The Jordanian Handball Federation carried out all the procedures related to the admission of the player to the hospital, following the follow-up of the Minister of Youth and Sports, who personally attended the hospital and the Olympic Committee, and the president and members of the federation who spent last night with the player’s family and the family of the Kufranja club and other clubs in the hospital to follow up on the player’s condition.

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