A hot day in Al-Ittihad..from stimulants to Santo’s escape to Al-Ahly

24 controversial hours passed for Al-Ittihad Club; In conjunction with the fierce competition, the title Saudi Roshan League 2022-2023.

In addition to the league, Al-Ittihad is preparing for a major confrontation against Al-Nasr Club, in the semi-finals Saudi Super Cup.

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And “Saudi Sport” reviews the most prominent events that it witnessed Union ClubDuring the past 24 hours…

* Santo to Al-Ahly

Sports journalist Enad Al-Rasheed announced the imminent departure of Portuguese coach Nuno Santo from Al-Ittihad. Because of disagreements with the management of Anmar Al-Haili.

Al-Rasheed hinted, through his official Twitter account, to a contract Alahli football club, with Santo; In the event of his official departure, the Federal Brigadier General.

* international punishment

Sports jurist, Ahmed Al-Sheikhi, revealed that Al-Ittihad Club was threatened with “deprivation of contracts”, in the summer of 2023.

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Al-Sheikhi indicated, through his official account on Twitter, that the federation is obligated to pay 75 million riyals, in 5 international cases, before FIFA.

* Leaks, praise be to God

Sports journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi leaked dangerous information about the Moroccan star Abdul Razzaq HamdallahAl-Ittihad striker.

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Al-Rashidi explained that people close to Hamdallah stress that the player does not care about Al-Ittihad winning or losing, but rather that he himself score goals. to answer his critics.

* Doping issue

Saleh Al-Saqri, the former Al-Ittihad club player, sparked controversy in the Saudi sports street. on doping issues.

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And Al-Saqri announced that a large number of Al-Ittihad stars escaped, while playing with the team, from the detection of doping. claiming injury.

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