A “horror movie” in Turkey… a Syrian slaughters his two daughters and turns himself in to the police!

A Syrian refugee turned himself in to the Turkish police, on Sunday, after hours earlier he committed the murder of two of his daughters in the Turkish state of Konya, where he has been living with his family, wife, and 7 of his children for years, after he fled Syria as a result of the war that it has been witnessing for more than a decade. Time, as he was residing as a refugee in the Turkish state located in the center of the country, and he was never one of those with precedents.

The 54-year-old Syrian Youssef Al-Ahmad went to the Turkish police in Konya, and turned himself in after he confessed to the killing of his two daughters in an “hour of rage” yesterday afternoon for reasons he considered to be related to the crime of “honor” and made him lose consciousness, only to discover later when he came to his senses that he He stabbed two of his daughters to death with a knife.

Today, the Turkish police found the bodies of the two murdered sisters in Al-Ahmad’s place of residence, and buried them later after they were examined by a forensic doctor in Konya, and then began investigations to uncover more information about the accident that claimed the lives of 17-year-old Kawthar and 15-year-old Marwa. .

Al-Arabiya.net obtained information from Syrian refugees residing in the popular “Nowruz” Street, located in the Meram district of Konya state in central Turkey, where the killer lives, stating that Al-Ahmad had a dispute with his eldest daughter, Kawthar, as a result of her husband’s detention on charges of sexual assault, and it erupted. A heated discussion between them, in which his daughter Marwa also intervened, so that he later stabbed both of them with a knife to death.

The first victim, Kawthar, has two children, and her husband was imprisoned shortly before on charges of sexual assault, which angered her father because of her defense of him, which led to a quarrel between them that caused her death with her sister after he stabbed them with a knife, according to information obtained by Al Arabiya.net. .

It is expected that the murderer, if he does not suffer from a mental disorder, will face a prison sentence that may reach life imprisonment, especially since the Turkish Criminal Code does not recognize what is called “honor crimes”, which means that Al-Youssef will be held accountable for the premeditated murder of two people. .

Until now, neither the Turkish nor the Syrian media operating from within the Turkish territory have published pictures of the two victims or their murderous father, which has contented itself with publishing pictures of the street where Al-Ahmad was staying with his family and where the murder took place on Saturday afternoon.

It is scheduled that the Turkish police will begin conducting comprehensive investigations with all members of the Al-Ahmad family upon the discharge of the mother of the two victims from the hospital, after she was transferred to him to receive the necessary treatment, after suffering a great and sudden shock as a result of the killing of her two daughters at the hands of their father.

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