A horrific scene in Afghanistan.. A Taliban member violently kicked a young man’s face

In a horrific scene, gunmen fired from Taliban Afghan, today, Saturday, shot a group of students protesting against The decision to prevent girls from education in Kandahar.

A video clip showed the sound of gunshots in the air towards the students of (Mirwais Nike) University in Kandahar, as they ran outside when they left the exam halls, in protest against the authorities’ decision against the girls.

A member of the extremist movement also assaulted an Afghani youth by violently beating and kicking him in the face and his entire body with force.

Last Tuesday, the Taliban banned university education for girls in Afghanistan until further notice, which means that girls and women can only receive education at the primary level.

This decision was met with international outrage, as most countries in the world condemned the repression of Afghan women at the hands of the Taliban.

While massive protests erupted across the country in rejection of the decision, prompting the movement to respond to the women with water hoses and tree branches to break up a women’s demonstration.

The ban on higher education for girls and women comes less than three months after thousands of them took entrance exams to universities across the country.

The Taliban movement has increased restrictions on freedoms, especially against women, who have been gradually excluded from public life and excluded from secondary schools.

It is noteworthy that the Taliban movement had seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, coinciding with the withdrawal of the United States and NATO forces from the country.

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