A heart-breaking video.. They tortured a Syrian child in Lebanon who was late for sheep!

With all the meaning of the innocence of children, a young Syrian appeared in a video clip explaining to people the harshness of what he lived.

The short years of his life, which did not exceed the age of the crisis in his country, did not intercede for him to escape from severe beatings that affected his body and face, without any justification.

A loaf of bread in his hands

The tragedy began with the spread of a video clip on social media, which showed a young Syrian eating greedily after his employers beat him.

The little boy, with a loaf of bread in his hands, explained that he had been beaten by those who worked for them, on the pretext that he was late to meet the cows and sheep for which he worked as a shepherd.

He explained that the beating affected his right eye, which is indicated by the blue color around it, and they broke one of his teeth.

In addition, the clip sparked widespread anger on social media, which led to calls for the perpetrators to be punished immediately.

More than a million displaced Syrians

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of the Syrian war, Lebanon has hosted more than one million displaced Syrians, of whom about 888,000 are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The largest number of them is distributed in the Bekaa governorate (about 39 percent), followed by the governorates of the north, Beirut and the south.

The displaced were subjected to many similar incidents during the years of their displacement, in which social media was preoccupied for a while and then it was forgotten.

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