A “hate crime”… a new gag for Biden, with which he insulted an entire nation!

in a new gagUS President Joe Biden made an insulting statement to the Irish during a recent speech in his hometown, Delaware, according to the New York Post. New York Post.

“I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid,” Biden said at a meeting in front of veterans.

The US President also confused his wife’s grandfather with her father, and said: “I married Dominique Giacoba’s daughter, so I have a little bit of Italian.”

Here, Biden made a mistake in his wife’s father’s name, because Dominic Giakoba is her grandfather, and her father’s name is Donald Jacobs.

The audience of military veterans and federal officials fell silent as they listened to President Biden’s remarks.

His words sparked widespread criticism on social media, with journalist Mary Margaret Olohan deeming Biden’s remarks a “hate crime.”

“Just the usual old-school anti-Irish stereotypes,” said Jerry Dunleavy, a Washington Examiner reporter. It is reported that Biden’s great-grandfather moved to America from Ireland in the nineteenth century.

This lapse represents a link in a long series of outright gaffes committed by the US President since he assumed the presidency.

became Biden, who turns 80 this year, the greatest president of the United States in history. His opponents accuse him of continuing his mental decline, citing his frequent gaffes and mistakes.

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