A girl whose tongue is not only long, but perhaps the longest in the world!

We usually describe “this person has a long tongue” for anyone who insults others with inappropriate words. But what if a person really has a “long tongue”?! And not just a “long tongue”…but the “longest in the world”!

Long-tongued Adrienne

Long-tongued Adrienne

Have you ever heard of a girl who can touch her eyes with her tongue?! It is indeed a strange story of an American girl from Michigan named Adrienne Lewis, who has one of the longest tongues in the world.

Long-tongued Adrienne

Long-tongued Adrienne

It seems that the matter is hereditary in her family, as a number of members of Adrian’s mother’s family also had very long tongues, which Adrian commented on by saying: “I feel as if I had inherited it, and I became the strange child who always had to stick out her tongue.”

Her mother, who also has a long tongue, says, “Her great-grandfather had a very long tongue, and her grandmother’s tongue to her mother was also very long.”

For many years, Adrienne Lewis believed that she had the longest tongue in the world, although she did not have the longest tongue in history. Adrienne is gradually getting used to it, and recently started hiring him.

Today, Lewis has her own YouTube channel, in addition to a number of other accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where she answers questions about her tongue and shows some funny tricks.

Adrian hopes to be included as the owner of the longest tongue in the world in the Guinness Book of Records, as her tongue has not been measured by the encyclopedia of records yet. To date, the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue in the world is still 3.98 inches (more than 9.9 centimeters), according to the same encyclopedia. Will Adrian achieve her dream and become the owner of the “longest tongue in the world”?

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