A gift from Ukraine… A grenade launcher parade at the Polish police headquarters

The Polish police chief said A grenade launcher he received as a gift from Ukrainian officials It accidentally triggered while being transported in his office this week.

And General Jaroslav Chimchik made his first remarks after the incident, the unusual radio “RMF – FM” Polish, which was reported on Saturday.

The explosion occurred on Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the National Police in Warsaw.

Amid media speculation about the nature of the incident, the Interior Ministry issued a statement on Thursday saying that a gift from Ukraine had exploded, and that Chimchik and another person were slightly injured.

General Jaroslav Chimchik

General Jaroslav Chimchik

But the statement left many questions unanswered, including what the gift was and who caused the explosion.

Simsek, for his part, confirmed reports in the Polish media that the gift was a grenade launcher.

Radio RMF-FM, quoting police officials, reported that Chimchik received two used anti-tank grenade launchers during his recent visit to Ukraine. No other details were provided about them, but the report indicated that the Ukrainians and Poles do not believe that the two launchers have any explosive capabilities, and therefore one of them has been converted into a loudspeaker.

Model grenade launcher "Er.  g.  Delb Yu.  60" Which exploded in Wassow, according to activists on the communication sites

The RG Delp U-60 bomber that exploded in Waso, according to activists on social media

As for Simsek, he told the radio, “When I was transporting the two used grenade launchers, which were gifts from the Ukrainians, there was an explosion.” He said that the explosion was so powerful that the force of its impact penetrated the floor and ceiling.

Şimşek was initially admitted to the hospital to monitor his condition, while the other injured person did not require hospitalization.

Poland is an ally of UkraineIt has provided the neighboring country with various kinds of support, including military and humanitarian aid, since the start of the Russian military operation on February 24. also hosted Poland a large number of Ukrainian refugees.

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