A “fight” between two players and a “announcer crying”. What happened after the Morocco-Algeria match?

Social media users circulated a video whose publishers claimed that it showed a quarrel between players of the Algerian and Moroccan national teams, after the latter’s victory in the World Cup in handball.

The video includes several scenes, including two videos of two figures in two different stadiums, and the first was accompanied by scenes of a crying anchor.

However, the scenes used in the video were published years ago and have nothing to do with the match.

And the accompanying commentary read, “In the video: the moment the Algerian national team players attacked the Moroccan handball team after the end of the match, with Morocco’s victory.”

A screenshot of the rolling video

The video has received tens of thousands of posts from several pages on social media, since its publication began on January 21, 2023, after the Moroccan national team achieved a 28-27 victory over the Algerian national team in the Handball World Cup competitions held in Sweden and Bologna.

No reliable media outlet reported a problem that occurred after the match, and the records available to it do not show any quarrels between the two teams.

What is the truth of the video?

The rolling clip begins with a scene of a female announcer crying, and in the background is what appears to be a problem during a handball match.

However, this scene has already been used in several misleading clips that were verified by AFP journalists.

The original version shows a Syrian presenter crying as she talks about government forces bombing areas in northern Syria.

As for the video of the first problem, it includes several elements that raise suspicions that it is from the two teams’ match, such as the difference in the clothes and the playing field.

As a result, the research indicated that the video used dates back to the final of the African Handball Championship in 2020 between the teams of Egypt and Tunisia.

Elements of the crowd stormed the field, and there was no problem between the two teams.

As for the second video, it is completely different in terms of the shape of the stadium and the clothes. The research referred to a copy of it published in 2020, and the accompanying commentary stated that it shows a problem between two Saudi teams.

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