A domestic worker shakes the throne of Bezos.. A scandal hits the founder of Amazon

After the divorce crisis and his abandonment of the leadership of the huge company Amazon, it appears that Jeff Bezos, the man who was ranked the richest in the world, is facing a painful scandal.

It has raised a housekeeper home His previous lawsuit against him, after it was confirmed She and other workers experienced unsafe working conditions during their tenure at the home of the wealthy American.

Unsafe working conditions

Mercedes Weda, the main housekeeper for Bezos, who was appointed as “coordinator” in September of 2019, sued Bezos in a Seattle court, the Telegraph reported.

The woman claimed that she was discriminated against and that she lived without breaks, with more than 14 hours of work per day.

She also mentioned that she had to use the window to get out and use the toilet more than once, which led to her contracting an infection with other workers when they were unable to use the bathroom for long periods.

Jeff Bezos - archive

Jeff Bezos – archive

She also complained that there were no places for the cleaners to eat, nor a break room for maids, but rather they ate in the laundry room.

She also indicated that the staff was forbidden to enter the house except for cleaning periods only, and therefore in some cases the workers were not able to get out of the laundry room because its only door was leading them to the dwelling, and therefore many of them were often forced to exit from the window of the laundry room To the utility room, go downstairs.

Billionaire’s Lawyer: Ridiculous Claims

On the other hand, Bezos’ lawyer saw the housekeeper’s claims as absurd.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

And he said in a statement in response to the confusion, that the restrooms in Bezos’ home were at the disposal of workers, noting that Weda had filed a lawsuit against Bezos and two companies that manage his property and personal investments, only after her request to pay compensation of $ 9 million was rejected.

He also continued that the plaintiff was dismissed from her job as the main housekeeper due to performance-related behavior, stressing that she was responsible for her break times and meals, with bathrooms and rest rooms for her and the rest of the employees.

It is reported that the lawsuit filed by the maid against the American billionaire includes details of 18 months of work in his home.

In its merits, it seeks to compel Bezos, one of the world’s richest people, with an estimated fortune of $115 billion, to pay compensation in an amount that will be determined during the trial.

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