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US President Joe Biden joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference, stressing the United States’ commitment to a strategic partnership with the Association to deal with “the biggest issues.”

Biden announced during his speech, at the opening of the US summit with ASEAN leaders in Cambodia, that he will “discuss with ASEAN Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine”, as well as “the launch of the ASEAN platform for infrastructure and connectivity, and the provision of more than $ 850 million in this partnership.”

Biden joins Southeast Asian conference “ASEAN”

“The comprehensive strategic partnership between the United States and the ASEAN will deal with the biggest issues,” Biden told the ASEAN summit, stressing seeking to resolve issues stretching from the South China Sea to Myanmar in cooperation with ASEAN.

He pointed out that “ASEAN is at the core of our strategy and we seek to develop cooperation with it. We have allocated funds and launched initiatives that will strengthen ASEAN.”

“Continue to support our engagement to build a strong ASEAN,” Biden emphasized.

Biden arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Saturday, to meet with Southeast Asian leaders before his talks with his Chinese counterpart Monday in Bali, Indonesia.

The meeting between the two leaders of the two superpowers comes after North Korea conducted a record number of missile tests, while observers are talking about Pyongyang’s readiness to conduct a nuclear test, which will be the seventh in its history.

National Security Adviser to US President Jack Sullivan told reporters, Saturday, that Biden will tell Xi on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Indonesia that it is in Beijing’s interest to “play a constructive role in curbing North Korea’s worst tendencies.”

Biden’s visit to Cambodia, the second ever for a US president, continues his administration’s effort to showcase its investments in the South Pacific, which were highlighted earlier this year when the White House hosted the ASEAN summit in Washington, the first of its kind, according to the Associated Press. .

He also appointed one of his top aides, Johannes Abraham, as the official envoy to ASEAN, another way the White House has confirmed this commitment.

This year, ASEAN is elevating the United States to the status of a “comprehensive strategic partnership”, in a largely symbolic strengthening of the relationship between the two sides.

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