A crime that shook Jordan.. Kidnapping and raping a girl at gunpoint

After the Jordanian Court of Cassation, the highest judicial body in the JordanLast week, the curtain on one of the most notorious crimes recently committed in the country, new details began to emerge.

A Jordanian journalist revealed new details of one of a series of crimes committed by three criminals, who were sentenced to 45 years in prison last week.

One of those crimes took place in the west of the capital, Amman, where two gang members kidnapped a girl from a car and assaulted her several times at gunpoint.

Under the threat of the weapon

In the details narrated by Jordanian journalist Ghazi Al-Marayat in a video clip, the girl was in a car accompanied by a young man, and while they were standing in the area, a vehicle came to them with two masked people wearing gloves.

After that, one of these people got out of the car, forced the young man to get out of his car, at gunpoint, tied him up and put him in the car, then they took the girl with them in their car.

assault her

When they reached a wooded area, one of the two people asked the girl to take off her clothes, and out of fear she responded to them.

Then one of the two people assaulted her, after which the other person assaulted her several times, according to Jordanian media outlets.

It is noteworthy that the Public Prosecution charged the three convicts with the charge of indecent assault by overpowering and successively five times for the first convict, four times for the second convict, and two times for the third convict, the felony of theft for all of them, attempted murder for the first and second, carrying and possessing a firearm without a license, and joint harm.

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