A crime that horrified Khartoum.. A new killing of a mother, her son and her daughter

A full month has passed since the massacre of the Imtiad Nasser neighborhood, in which a woman, her son, and her daughter were killed.

Mystery still prevails and the killer is unknown, despite the continued detention of the head of the family for more than two weeks on suspicion of his involvement in the commission of the crime, but without the competent authorities formally charging him.

The bloody massacre

The bloody massacre that rocked the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, took place on Friday evening, November 25, in the extension of Nasser neighborhood, east of Khartoum.

He revealed the details of the horrific crime when the veterinarian, Dr. Hatem, returned to his home at around 10:00 p.m., and was surprised by his wife Lubna (47) years, his son Abdul Rahman (16), a “secondary student,” and his daughter, a university student, Wissam (17), dead bodies. Stained with blood.

Police statement

In the first official statement, the police said that one of its patrols moved to the crime scene after receiving an urgent communication from one of Dr. Hatem’s neighbors. He said in the report’s reasons: At about eleven o’clock at night, he heard a scream and plea for help from his neighbor, Dr. Hatem, and he ran with a group of neighborhood youth. When they entered the house, they found the aforementioned – the head of the family – inside his apartment and in front of the bodies of his wife, son and daughter.

Sudanese police (archive)

Sudanese police (archive)

The statement said that the police cordoned off the place, so that the specialized team could photograph and remove fingerprints and collect remnants from the crime scene, including a 7 mm pistol and 4 empty envelopes identical to the gun that was seized, and the bodies were removed for autopsy to find out the causes of death.

Shot in the head

The coroner’s report proved that the death resulted from a gunshot wound to the head and the time of death was between five and eight o’clock in the evening, that is, approximately six hours before the report was written.

The police statement blew up a resounding surprise, and said that the preliminary investigations showed that the weapon used, the “pistol” in committing the crime, was a personal weapon belonging to the head of the family himself.

The statement stated that the preliminary investigations ruled out that theft and looting were motives for committing the crime, because the preliminary investigations showed that there was no breaking of the locks or looting of the contents of the house.

criminal team

Investigations and Criminal Investigations Police entrusted the investigations to a high-level criminal investigation team, whose leadership was entrusted to an officer with the rank of major general, to uncover the circumstances of the most mysterious crime recently.

The father is still locked up

The Public Prosecution has been holding Hatem for more than two weeks, on suspicion of his involvement in committing the crime.

The lawyer of the head of the family, Adel Abdel-Ghani, said in press statements to “Darfur 24”: The prosecution has not yet officially charged his client.

He revealed that his client had been transferred earlier from the East Khartoum Police Station to the Investigation and Criminal Investigation Police headquarters a few days ago, in a procedure he described as strange.

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