A child kills his mother for refusing to buy him a toy. You will not believe what he asked his aunt for

Family members of a ten-year-old boy accused of killing his mother after she refused to buy a “VR” headset – “virtual reality” revealed that he seems more preoccupied with his devices than the murder incident while he faces his trial.

The child was referred to the killing of his mother, Kiana Mann, 44, on November 21, after he shot her in the face while they were at home.

Rhonda Reed, the boy’s aunt, told US television that when she spoke to him in custody, he pretended not to remember the shooting and quickly moved the conversation to his favorite topic.

And she added, according to what was quoted by the “Daily Mail” that when he called her, he told her: “Make sure that all my tablets, laptops and everything I have are properly stored.”

Loretha Mann’s grandmother followed up by saying she could not bring herself to talk to him, “I wish I would one day, but now no. He has taken something very precious from me.”

Grandma said, “I can’t believe he did that, he has to pay for what he did.”

Reade said her nephew had been in therapy for more than a year for mood and behavior disorders, and part of his treatment plan included restricting access to electronic devices. The boy, she added, was “disturbed at having these devices taken away.”

Prosecutors say that after his mother refused to buy him a $500 Oculus VR headset, he shot her in the face and used her credit card to purchase a device online.

Then the boy told his grandmother that he was “sorry” for killing his mother and asked where he had been sent away.

Earlier this month, the boy’s attorney asked for bail to be reduced from $50,000 to $100.

A child who, according to family members, has “anger issues” and hears imaginary people has been charged with first-degree murder and will be tried as an adult.

Wisconsin law requires that children under the age of 10 be charged as adults with serious crimes, such as murder.

The child faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

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