A checkpoint in the center of Damascus sparks a dispute between the regime’s militia.. What is the story?

After weeks of absence of this phenomenon, royalties returned again to the streets of the Syrian capital, Damascus, at the checkpoints of the regime forces and their loyal militias.

This return resulted in disputes over the sharing of the spoils, especially with the presence of new elements at the National Defense Forces militia checkpoint south of Damascus, which leads to the “Al-Tadamon”, “Al-Zuhur” and “Daf Al-Shouk” neighborhoods, which led to a confrontation with the regime forces.

It also became clear that these elements belong to one of the branches of the Military Intelligence Division and contacted the National Defense Forces at the aforementioned checkpoint because of the spoils, according to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

Inspection and royalties

While the regime forces were carrying out their main mission by searching people’s cars passing through the area and imposing royalties on them, especially large trucks that were loaded with pieces of home furnishings, complete home furnishings, building materials, or commercial materials, the National Defense Forces objected to their work.

As local sources indicated to the same source, the focus of the militants is on large trucks because they are considered valuable prey for them because they charge large sums of money from them, and there was the problem.

Some have also argued that the crossings are now forced to pay monthly salaries to that checkpoint, despite the removal of most of the similar checkpoints in the rest of the regions, while the conflict apparently ended with a settlement during which they shared influence and royalties at the checkpoint, and thus the elements of the National Defense are standing at the entrance to the branch entering into “Al-Tadamon Neighborhood”, while the security forces stand on the road leading to “Al-Zuhour” and “Daf Al-Shouk” neighborhoods.

Auxiliary forces after the regime and Iran

It is noteworthy that the Al-Tadamon neighborhood is located in the far southeast of the Syrian capital, and it is bordered to the west by the Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees, and to the east by the towns of Bella and Yalda and the Sidi Miqdad neighborhood of the Rif Dimashq governorate, while to the south the city of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad and the town of Yalda, which also belong to the Rif Dimashq governorate, and from the south The north is alive with flowers, tambourine, and az-Zahra.

The National Defense Forces is one of the most prominent dozens of local armed militias that the regime has formed since the beginning of the war to support its forces, and at that time granted them broad powers.

It was formed in 2012. And it was reported in 2013 that it has up to 60,000 armed men and women.

Local militias, many of which have been supported by Iran, have also participated in setting up checkpoints in all areas controlled by the regime, along with the checkpoints of the army and security forces.

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