A cat “involved” an official in the Brazilian national team. He removed it in a “harsh” way

Over the past few days, social media has been abuzz with a video of an official Brazilian national team He removes a cat in front of the player, Vinicius Junior, in a way that was considered “brusque”.

In the details, during Vinicius’s speech at a press conference, Thursday, his statements were interrupted by a cat, who sat in front of him on the conference platform.

It was only one of the Brazilian national team officials who removed the cat from the platform in a “harsh” manner, which sparked anger on the communication sites.

“curse of the cat”

Activists on the media linked the Brazilian national team’s exit from the World Cup in Qatar to what they called the “cat curse”, considering that the “cat curse” affected the Brazil national team, which was eliminated by Croatia on penalties on Friday.

In addition, the National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) for alleged mistreatment, demanding a fine of one million Brazilian riyals, according to local media. He said the money will be invested in the Union Environment Fund.

Hope dashed

It is noteworthy that Brazil’s hope of winning its sixth title and ending the 20-year fast since its last title was dashed on Friday when it lost on penalties to Croatia 4-2.

Rodrigo’s first kick was saved by Dominic Levakovic, while Marquinhos hit the post. And Croatia, runner-up in 2018, successfully carried out all its kicks to reserve a place in the semi-finals, according to Reuters.

After a goalless 90-minute draw, Brazil appeared to be closing in on the final four when he scored Neymar With a distinguished individual effort before the end of the first overtime period.

But Croatia refused to surrender, and Bruno Petkovic equalized in the 117th minute, in the second overtime, with a deflected shot, extending the confrontation to penalties.

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