A Bulgarian woman blackmailed him with obscene photos and clips.. A Turkish official resorts to the judiciary

Today, Friday, a Turkish mayor who belongs to the ruling Justice and Development Party resorted to the judiciary, after he was the victim of blackmailing a Bulgarian woman who published explicit photos and videos of him on social media, which caused an uproar in Turkey after the publication of these photos and clips.

Muhammed Topcho, mayor of the Erdemli district of the coastal state of Marcin, questioned the authenticity of the photos and videos in which he appeared after a Bulgarian woman published them on social media, to reveal to public opinion in a press conference that they were “fabricated”, and that the woman wanted to blackmail him “as happened with a number of Well-known officials,” he said.

Although local Turkish media reported that the mayor sent 20,000 Turkish liras (equivalent to 1,074 US dollars) in three installments to the Bulgarian woman, his media office denied to Al-Arabiya.net that Topçu had transferred those sums to the Bulgarian woman, who published pictures and clips. A scandalous video of him on social media, and those clips also contained conversations between them.

The mayor of the ruling party

The mayor of the ruling party

The Turkish mayor, as well as the media, did not mention the full name of the Bulgarian woman, as everyone only referred to her as Aydan S, whom Topçu accused of defaming him, which was the reason for filing criminal complaints against her, considering that he would win this lawsuit after confirming to the public that the photos And the videos that included “fabricated” and “artificial” sexual content, according to what was stated in his press conference.

The scandalous photos and videos, in which the mayor of the ruling “Justice and Development” party appeared, turned into a widely circulated news item in Turkey after it was published in various opposition media outlets, which saw these photos and videos as appropriate to undermine the ruling party.

The mayor admitted that he had fallen into the trap of “blackmail”, but despite that he did not acknowledge the authenticity of the photos and videos published by the various opposition media, pointing out in his press conference that “the issue of publishing inappropriate photos and videos is a tactic to undermine my reputation.”

Topcho also pledged to his supporters in his ruling party, to reveal everything new regarding the criminal complaint he filed against the Bulgarian woman.

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