A brave team won the salute despite the loss

Despite not being able to snatch the ticket to the final match in the FIFA World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar, after losing 0-2 to France in the semi-finals of the competition yesterday, Wednesday, the Moroccan national team received the praise of all the international media, on Thursday.

The Moroccan national team, which became the first Arab and African team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup, aspired to continue its imaginary career in the Qatari World Cup, and to rise to the final match in the tournament, but the experience of the French national team settled matters in its favor, to face Argentina in the final next Sunday at the stadium ( Lucille).

The French newspaper (L’Equipe) described the Moroccan national team as brave, noting that the stars of the (Atlas Lions) team did not give the French players the opportunity to appear at their usual level.

The newspaper added that the French national team managed, however, to reach the final match, to set a heavy-caliber match against Argentina, led by Lionel Messi.

As for the (Sky Sports) news network, it stated in its report on the match that the Moroccan national team, which achieved two historic victories over Spain and Portugal in the knockout rounds of the Qatar World Cup, was not affected by the early goal that it conceded in the fifth minute through Theo Hernandez.

The network added that the Moroccan national team put its French counterpart under intense pressure, and its stars fought valiantly, despite the adverse conditions the team was exposed to, as coach Walid Rekragui made two forced substitutions before the start of the second half.

And the British newspaper (Daily Mail) wrote that the dream of the Moroccan national team to win the World Cup ended, despite the brave attempts made by its stars to beat the defending champions.

The newspaper stated that the Moroccan national team was the best and strongest party in most of the meeting periods, while the French national team was subjected to many difficult times, and its stars had only 39% possession of the ball during the match.

And the newspaper continued its talk about the Moroccan national team, saying: What a World Cup this team presented to us. He achieved glory even when he suffered that loss.

On the other hand, the Italian newspaper (La Gazzetta dello Sport) headlined on its official website: France is in the final, but the applause and salute go to Morocco.

The famous newspaper indicated that the national teams of France and Argentina will search for the third title in the World Cup, but the best story in the World Cup was written by the African team.

For its part, the Italian newspaper (Corriere della Sport) wrote that Morocco’s dream stopped at the World Cup semi-finals in Qatar against France, where it explained that “Coach Walid Rekragui’s team became the hero of an exciting and unexpected journey, but it reached a historic goal by reaching the golden square.” .

The Spanish newspaper (Marca) talked about Walid Regragui, as it indicated that despite the defeat and disappointment that were evident in the face and gestures of the Moroccan coach during his speech at the press conference after the match, he entered the history of the World Cup after leading his team to become the first Arab and African team to appear in the role. before the World Cup Final.

As for the American (CNN) news network, it highlighted a snapshot of the Moroccan national team’s players “prostrating” after the end of the confrontation against France, adding that the world champion took advantage of the opportunities he obtained to score the net and translated it into two goals, while the Atlas Lions team owned the ball and made many attacks, but it He was unable to go back and make the adjustment.

For its part, Russia Today network shed light on the Moroccan fans who gathered in the stands of the (Al-Bayt) stadium, which hosted the match.

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