920 official companies to recruit Egyptian workers abroad.. Find out the details

Many fall prey to fictitious employment companies that take advantage of their need to travel to obtain job opportunities with lucrative salaries. Accordingly, the Ministry of Manpower affirmed its keenness to protect the rights of those wishing to work abroad and follow up on all Employment companies The licensed companies, which now operate officially and number only 920, sent a message to all those wishing to work not to deal except with officially licensed companies, and that in the event of any inquiries, inquiries should be made through the official channels of the Ministry..

The ministry warned citizens wishing to work abroad against fake job advertisements announced by social networking sites and pages that advertise fake job opportunities abroad, taking advantage of the need and aspiration of young people to travel, as they are asked for their personal data, sums of money in exchange for travel, and job opportunities for them. Warn against communicating with or dealing with these sites, and committing to accuracy, not being led by companies, and ensuring the validity of offers of real job opportunities, by communicating with the Ministry of Manpower, or Labor representative offices scattered around the countries of the world.

The Ministry called on citizens not to deal with these sites or pages, and to communicate through the official channels of the Ministry of Manpower, or by communicating directly with the General Administration for External Employment, or the General Administration for Employment Companies Affairs Abroad, in the Ministry’s General Office «3 Yusef Street Abbas – Nasr City”, to inquire about the credibility of these opportunities, or the validity of the licenses of these companies.

In the event that the young man wants to obtain a real job opportunity abroad, he must go to the Employment Department at the Ministry of Manpower to register his data and submit a request to obtain a job opportunity abroad, or register his comprehensive data (his academic qualification, experience, training courses he attended, etc.) via the official website to the Ministry of Manpower; Which presents all the jobs and job opportunities provided by recruitment companies, and the conditions, qualifications, specifications and advantages they require, in order to ensure obtaining a real job opportunity legally abroad without falling into the trap of brokers and fake travel companies.


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